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First Release/Demo


released June 22, 2013

Recorded in May 2013 at Elephantwest Studios, Vienna/AT



all rights reserved


Public Domain Vienna, Austria

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Track Name: Somewhere To Begin
This is it, a brand new start, the place I came after it all fell apart
Those lessons learned and choices were made
All that was left was to find a new way

Life will beat you down and keep you there
If you let it, don't let it

Find a way to survive
Push past those issues that keep you stalling
We all made our mistakes, we all lost in some way
There's no comparing or time for dwelling
There's a process it's called 'whatever it takes' and this simple song is enough to remind me, it takes hold of me inside
Track Name: What's Left Of Me
I wish I could give back those things I took from you
Worthless words and twisted truths
it's just another lie that I fell into
I keep trying to pull it through
but it's hard to stay on top with this dragging me down
I keep trying, I keep asking but you can't face it

Sometimes I wonder how we ever got here
There always seems to be something more
twisting and turning beneath the surface
I've gotta find a way to push on

Pull me in, drag me under, try your best to keep me down
I won't let it get the best of me
I can't let it take what's left of me
I won't go down without a fight
Track Name: Die By The Board
It's all we ever needed
Our minds, the streets, it's the only release we'll ever need
Since day one it's all we have ever known

Bombing hills and taking spills
Pushing faster until our knees can't take it
Frontside grinds and four wheel slides
We're 'possessed to skate'
or die by the board

DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, it's all we ever needed
DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, die by the board
DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, it's all we ever needed
DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, skate or die
Track Name: Straight Down
Life on a plate
You were given everything you needed
But still you complain
What goes through your fucking head?
Through all this time, it's always the same
Nothing's ever good enough for you
Try to tell me that they're all to blame
And you wonder why I turn away?

You're a fucking disgrace, don‘t try to prove yourself to me
Spineless disease, this time you're so out of reach
Your words got the best of you
Your actions made me see right through
Now tell me who's at fault for this

It's so plain to see
It's coming down on you
I just don't give a fuck

Go ahead, overreact
Lose your shit, see where it gets you
Straight down
Can you feel the pressure coming down on you?
There's only one place left for you to go, straight fucking down
Track Name: Not For You
So you latched on to another trend
It's just another phase you'll soon forget
Craving attention and a place to belong
Just give it time soon you'll move on

Just give it time
You'll change your mind
And we'll still be here
After you're gone

You stuck around when it suited you best
Talked shit with the time that you spent here
You never felt what we felt

Fucking leech
We don't want you here

It's just an image and a place for you
To talk down to the kids that stand for something
Do you feel anything?

Hollow shell
We don't want you here